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373: My Favorite Resources (Right Now)

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"If how you respond, how you're triggered when other people say or do things, if you're unaware of that, then that unconscious triggering is affecting your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your behavior."

Hal Elrod

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Today’s podcast episode is a blend of relevant wisdom and helpful resources that will (hopefully) add significant value to your world. I’m sharing some of my most recent insights and breakthroughs (aka wisdom) as well as some of the tools, resources, songs, movies, and books that are significantly enhancing my life right now. 

My intention with today’s show is to share this wisdom and these resources to help you optimize your physical and mental well-being, to be happier, to better understand your purpose in the world, and to live your life in the present moment.


  • The specific therapy I recently discovered that almost instantaneously cured my body after 20 years of chronic damage – and how it can help treat headaches, TMJ, and a wide variety of other conditions.
  • What it means to elevate your consciousness and why it’s a worthwhile pursuit that transforms your life. 
  • The valuable principles, philosophies, and practices I’ve learned from reading and re-reading Awareness by Anthony DeMello and Transcending Levels of Consciousness by David Hawkins.
  • Why I recommend watching this one particular documentary albeit with a slight disclaimer.
  • How Rob Riccardo’s album The Fire In Me inspires listeners to transcend ego and do the work.
  • [Miracle Morning Pro Tip] The one thing you can immediately start doing to wake up feeling alert and energized every morning.
  • And much, much, much, much, much more. :^)


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Hal Elrod: Welcome to the Achieve Your Goals Podcast. This is your host, Hal Elrod, and thank you so much for listening today. Today is an off-the-cuff/list of resources. So, I've been thinking over the past week of there was a book I wanted to recommend and a documentary and some other stuff and I thought, “I'm going to do an episode where I just share some of my favorite resources right now that have added value to my life, opened up my eyes, my mind elevated, my consciousness in a way that would hopefully serve you as well.” And then during the episode today, as I'm sharing the resources, you will hear me dive really deep on certain resources, expand certain resources, and share with you insights to help those resources make a lot of sense. And, yeah, I think there's a whole bunch of goodness in today's episode. So, I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to record. It's a solo episode. It's just little old me. And before you start listening to the episode, before we dive in, I want to just thank my two sponsors, two companies that are near and dear to my heart. I am friends with the owners. I know them personally and I can vouch for both of them. 

The first is Organifi, and Organifi is our long-time sponsor. If you are looking to boost your health, looking for high-quality whole food, organic plant-based supplements such as protein powders and green juices and probiotics, all sorts of good stuff, check out That is spelled O-R-G-A-N-I-F-I, Organifi with an I. and then use HalCheckout and you'll get 15% off your entire order. I use Organifi products every day. I've done it for years. I'm a big fan and I highly recommend you check it out. I hope you find something there that you love. And our second sponsor is Self-Publishing School, and Self-Publishing School, it was founded by and run by a good friend of mine, Chandler Bolt. You probably heard him on the podcast multiple times, we've done webinars, you name it. The bottom line is if you want to write a book in as little as 90 days, in as little as 30 minutes spent each day on your book, Chandler has helped well over a thousand authors averaging one author plus per day to write and publish and become a best-selling author. So, if that's a dream, a goal of yours, Chandler and I recently hosted a live training and you can go watch the replay of that training now and you can get a free call with one of their coaches. 

Just go to Again, that is Don't leave off the school. Say it one last final time,, and you can get a free training and in that training, you'll get an opportunity to schedule a call, a free call, no strings attached with one of their coaches. So, that's it. Those are my sponsors. I appreciate them making this show possible and I appreciate you listening, which also makes this show possible. So, I hope you enjoy today's episode. I love you so much and enjoy. 


Hal Elrod: Hello, friends. It's Hal Elrod. Thank you for tuning in to the podcast today. Today is going to be an off-the-cuff episode if you will. Actually, that's not accurate. It started as an off-the-cuff episode but then I remembered that there's a bunch of resources I've been writing down that I wanted to share with you. And so, that's the basis of the episode is actually the resources I'm going to share but there's a lot of topics swirling in my head today that I thought, “I just want to talk through these with you, with everybody listening.” And so, it's going to be a combination of resources that I'm going to share with you, what is working in my life right now, a physical therapy I just started that I think I want to share with you and how it's been a friggin miracle for me, that is craniosacral therapy. You may be familiar with it. Maybe you're not. I was not until recently. Also, I want to share with you a documentary that recently impacted me. I want to share with you an album, a musician and his album that is just incredible, that is elevating my consciousness every time I listen to it. What else do I want to share with you? I want to share with you, oh, a Miracle Morning what I call a pro tip that I shared the other day in the Miracle Morning community on how to wake up with more energy and feeling more alert and just ready to take on the day instead of groggy and tired and not wanting to get out of bed. So, I've got a Miracle Morning pro tip for you in that regard. 

And then I also want to share with you a book that I've been reading, actually a couple of books, and what else? Oh, and then a mantra, a mantra that's been really useful to maintain that inner peace, that inner freedom that I've been talking a lot about, and then more context around the mantra. Yeah. It's funny, a few weeks ago I started an episode similarly where I'm like and it was actually much more off-the-cuff. I had nothing written down, nothing in front of me. It was just like, alright, whatever comes from my heart and my soul is what you're going to get as a listener and I hit record with no preparation, like no thought. I just went and it was funny, I think I introduced the episode is like I'm just going to rant. This is just a rant. And so, I was about to say that today and then I go, “I'm going to google or I'm going to look up in the dictionary. What does the word rant mean?” Because when I said it, I immediately correct myself, I said I don't know if that's the right word “rant”. So, I looked up the definition and here you go from The word rant is defined as a long, angry speech or scolding. I thought, man, A, it's not at all what I meant when I use that word. I really misused it. And, B, I think if you listen to that episode, definitely it wasn't an angry speech or a scolding. If anything, it was like uplifting and positive. 

So, I thought off-the-cuff is a much better definition of these types of episodes. And I looked at the definition of off-the-cuff which is just three words but it has the definition. It is an adjective, spontaneous, informal, so that feels more appropriate. So, you will definitely get some a little bit off-the-cuff today but there are some resources that I'm going to start with and I'm going to share with you. The first one I want to share with you, as I mentioned, craniosacral. So, let me give you the back story. When I was 20 years old, you probably know this because I tend to talk about my car accident and my cancer, too, to a fault but as to the most pivotal life experiences I've had to this day, I continue to relate back to them for my own growth and evolution and extract lessons that I learned through some of those difficult experiences of my life that I am able to use in everyday life. And so, I encourage you to consider the same thing. What have you overcome in your life that is just proof that you can overcome anything, that no matter what comes your way, you got this, you can handle it? In fact, that musician I'm going to recommend later, one of his songs is called When Will I Learn? In fact, the first song I heard of his it's my favorite and I'll just tell you his name. It's Rob Riccardo. The song, When Will I Learn? was the first introduced to me by my good friend, Brianna Greenspan, who I'm going to talk about Brianna. In fact, let me make a note. I don't want to forget to talk to you guys about Brianna Greenspan and how she may be joining us on the podcast a lot more often. So, there you go, a little teaser. 

The song, When Will I Learn? he says:

When will I learn

That I've got this

When will I learn

To trust the process

And I love that question as an affirmation, as a reminder because we spend so much time experiencing stress and fear. For me, it's unconscious because consciously, I think I've got it all figured out but whenever I'm like in a deep meditation, I always have this new level of awareness, this new level of consciousness emerge where I go, I kind of realize they called the shadow, like the unseen, the subconscious beliefs that are running our lives, the unconscious fears that are often driving our behavior and affecting our mental and emotional well-being. We have all this unconscious, this programming, and this conditioning that we're very often unaware of. And there's a lot of science that would show you that the majority of our life is run unconsciously. And that, by the way, is what I mean by elevating consciousness. You know, I use the term, my mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one person at a time, one morning at a time. Well, what is consciousness? There's different ways to define it. There's a spiritual way. There's a psychological way. There's even kind of a practical way. And maybe I'll really focus on the practical way but it's the idea that, well, what is unconsciousness? To really understand what consciousness is, you start with what does it mean to be unconscious? And I would say the simplest term or way to define that would be unaware. 

I'm unaware of how the media and the propaganda of the media is programming me to want to buy things, to feel better through their effective advertising. They're manipulating me, right? If you're unconscious to that, well, elevating your consciousness would be elevating your awareness as to how the media, and I'm using the media as just one random example that popped in my head, but how that impacts you, right? If how you respond, how you're triggered when other people say or do things, if you're unaware of that, then that unconscious triggering is affecting your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your behavior. I mean, this is true for all of us. But when you become aware, "Ohhh. When somebody says something that I disagree with, I get triggered. Interesting.” In fact, the book I'm going to recommend today, which I've been recommending off and on but I want to talk more about it today, it talks a lot about that. To be aware of how you are triggered, what triggers you, what affects you, what impacts you, what causes you to derail from your ideal way of being and feeling and doing. 

So, elevating your consciousness is elevating your awareness. If all of a sudden, you become aware of how you're triggered, well, now, that awareness allows you to be mindful. It allows you to be conscious and consciously choose how you respond when those triggers show up in your life instead of unconsciously showing or unconsciously responding being what they call triggered. But when you're conscious, you can go, "Oh, okay. That person said that thing,” whether it's your spouse or someone of a different political party than you or somebody that a friend or a colleague or a boss or whatever, most people, you get triggered by all sorts of people, which, by the way, how nice would it be not to be triggered? That's possible. I'm not saying I'm not perfect at that, but definitely, I've made leaps and bounds over where I used to be before when I was unconscious. By elevating consciousness, your own individual consciousness, you become aware of the things that trigger you, and then you can choose, hear this, you can consciously choose to be untriggered. “Oh, there's that person, that thing, that normally triggers me. All right. I'm going to take a deep breath. I'm going to be aware that I was beginning to be triggered unconsciously, but because I became conscious of the stimulus that was triggering me, I'm going to make a conscious choice that serves my highest good, that serves humanity's highest good, and I'm not going to get triggered. Wow, that feels good.” 

Same stimulus, but because we've elevated our consciousness, elevated our awareness as to what the trigger is, what the stimulus that triggers us is, and now we can make a conscious choice otherwise. And this is true for everything. I just posted on Facebook. In fact, this is a tangent, but I will read this to you because I will. I got a lot of good feedback. People said, "This is exactly what I needed right now.” So, here's a post I put up. So, I posted this quote and the quote that I wrote, I do this often. You may see this if you follow me on social media. I'll usually write the quote on Twitter and I will screen capture it and then post it as an image on Facebook and Instagram. And then I will expand on it because, obviously, Twitter you can only put, I don't know, 142 or 284 characters or whatever it is now. So, it's limited. So, I usually try to share the essence in that amount of characters. It’s 280 characters now. It used to be 140. But I share the essence of what I'm trying to get across in those 280 characters. I’m like this quote I'm about to read you was exactly 280 characters and it very often is because it's usually longer and have to like remove words and pair it down. But then I use that image and then I am able to put it on Facebook or Instagram and then write as long as, Instagram has a limit but I think Facebook doesn't. But then I'll write it on Instagram and I can write a much longer, almost like a mini blog post expanding on whatever I wrote in that Twitter quote. 

So, here's the quote, “True freedom is found in our God-given ability to choose how we experience each moment of our lives, regardless of our circumstances. If you want to be sad, be sad. If you want to feel anger, feel it fully. And most importantly, if you truly want to be happy, choose to be happy.” So, talking about true freedom and here's the expanded post that I wrote to dive deeper into that philosophy. 

“What do you really want? What would make you happy? Is there something you want to accomplish? If so, do you know why you want to accomplish that thing? I'm going to guess that it's because you would feel good to have accomplished that thing or maybe accomplishing that thing will give you something else you want, such as more money. But why do you want more money? I'd imagine having more money would make you feel good, yes? Or maybe having more money would allow you to buy something else such as a nice house. But why do you want a nice house? I'm assuming that having a nice house would make you feel good, no? Or maybe having a nice house would give you the stability that you believe will help you get something else you want, such as a meaningful relationship. But why do you want a meaningful relationship? Well, I'm going to go out on a limb here and consider that having a meaningful relationship would make you feel good. Yes? Maybe you get where I'm going with this line of questioning. It's that the end game, the reason we do everything we do is to give ourselves permission to feel good. The problem is that we only allow ourselves to feel good if we accomplish the thing, make the money, get the house, have the meaningful relationship, etcetera. But what if instead the only thing required for you to feel good, in fact, to feel the best you've ever felt was to wake up in the morning, to experience the miracle of life? What if every breath you took was a reminder that you have the ability to feel however you choose to feel? You can feel good even when life is difficult because you no longer allow how you feel to be dependent on outside forces. Instead, you consciously choose to be at peace with life exactly as it is, while you take steps each day to make it exactly as you envision it to be. Or what if you chose to take a step further and be the happiest you've ever been, no matter what, just because you have that ability? And from that place of peace and happiness, then you can feel whatever you want and you can do whatever you want, and you can enjoy every moment. This is your God-given ability.” 

So, that was a Facebook post that I put up the other day and I forgot why I was reading that to you. That's why this is off-the-cuff. I don't even know why I was reading that to you. I'll figure it out. Let me dive back into the notes that I did have. See, I do need some notes. That does help. Oh, I don't know how I got into that. We were talking about craniosacral. All right. Oh, what a tangent. That's amazing. So, it was because I mentioned the words car accident and then I got all insecure because I brought up my car accident, which I was like, "Oh, man, I talk too much about my car accident.” So, then I went on this whole rant but it was meant to be. It was meant to - not rant. Sorry. Off the cuff. It was meant to be. Hopefully, that was valuable for you and I'd encourage you to really consider that. And if you want to read that, go to any of my Facebook or Twitter or actually Twitter doesn't have the longer post. But if you go to my Instagram or my Facebook or even the Miracle Morning community on Facebook, that is posted in those places. So, you can read it, you can copy it, paste it, study it, whatever you want to do. So, I hope that serves you. So, diving back into craniosacral. So, here's where I was going with this. 

When I was 20, I was in my car accident, I broke my jaw. My jaw was dislocated and they snapped it. They kind of just moved it back into place. But they never did any surgery to my jaw. They said I had so many, I had like 11 surgeries I think, and they said that my body had endured so much trauma that they didn't want to mess with my jaw, and they said it should heal. They said it may be messed up and then eventually down the road years later, I might need to have it broken or fixed in some way. But they said they wanted me to take that risk rather than perform another invasive surgery. So, I left the hospital with my jaw kind of off and for the last 20 years, I have not been able to open my jaw straight. When I opened my jaw, it curves over like significantly. The bottom curves really sharply to one side, to my right towards about an inch, inch-and-a-half off-center from the top jaw. It's way off. And if I open my jaw wide and try to bite into something such as an apple, I don't have the strength, or I should say it's too painful to do. I experience extreme pain and I haven't been able to bite into an apple for 20 years. I have to cut it up and eat it that way. So, that's that. And I've just dealt with it. The pain isn't extreme. I just avoid eating apples in terms of opening my mouth really big and I always open my jaw just usually to show somebody, “Hey, look at how crooked it is,” like whatever. It's a parlor trick. I don't know. 

So, the point is about four months ago, three or four months ago, I started experiencing an audible grinding in the left side of my jaw. And I still have it right now. Right now, as I'm talking to you, I hear this like crrrk, crrrk, crrrk, every time I open or close my mouth. And so, I thought, “Uh-oh, maybe it's, you know, I remembered 20 years ago with the car accident. Gosh, maybe it's time that my jaw's gotten to the point where I'm going to have to have it broken and wired shut, and who knows what else.” So, I went and saw an orthodontist who sent me to a jaw surgeon. I went and had an MRI and a CAT scan or CT scan, whatever it is. And one of the best, allegedly one of the best jaw surgeons in the world is here. He’s in Dallas, Texas. And so, we had a Zoom call. We went over the results and he basically said, "You can keep doing what you're doing and it's degenerative. It's potentially going to get a lot worse.” And he said, "Or I recommend that you do a double surgery on both sides of your jaw.” He told me that he wanted to cut out both of my joints in my jaw and replace them with titanium joints and he wanted to shave the sides of my jaw off and put these titanium arms, which are basically like the size of your pinky, my pinky, along each of the jawbones. I was not enjoying hearing this news and it's a five-hour surgery. So, I'm under anesthesia, completely out for five hours. Of course, there are all sorts of risks, not to mention the trauma to my body. 

He said that my face would swell up two to three times its normal size and that it would be four months like that before I'd recover a year before total recovery, but four months of like intense swollen face and I'm going, "Oh my God, that’s just not what I want to do,” and especially, I'm a speaker so I've got speeches coming up and I'm going, “I don't have any four-month window. I have to cancel some major stuff, but, gosh, if this is what I need to do, I'll do it.” So, there you go. There's the story kind of the foundation and that's what I was dealing with. I called my mom and dad just, "Hey, guys.” I still call mom and dad and asking for their advice and they're torn. They've seen how much trauma my body has been through with chemo and cancer and all the stuff and they're like, "Gosh, we hate to see you go through that.” Again. I'm like, "Yeah, me too. And I got to do what I got to do.” And then the next day, the next morning, I called my good friend Brianna Greenspan, who will be on the podcast soon. I just texted her earlier and said, "Hey, let’s do a podcast like next week.” So, hopefully, the next episode or two will be Brianna. And if you don't know Brianna, she's brilliant. She is wise. She is the co-author and co-creator of the Miracle Morning: Art of Affirmations Adult Coloring Book and she hosts a Miracle Morning room in Clubhouse every day, and she's one of my closest friends. 

And I called Brie and again, very wise, and she said, “Do you want to do the surgery? I said, "Hell, no. This is the last thing I want to do is a double surgery and add more metal.” I've already got metal rods throughout my body. I said, “I don't want to add more metal and more trauma. And he said it might not even work like it could cause other complications. It's like I just I don't want to go down that road.” And she said, "Are you familiar with craniosacral?” And I'll just spell that real quick so you can write it down or have a visual. It’s C-R-A-N-I-O-S-A-C-R-A-L,  cranio and sacral. So, craniosacral therapy. I said I'm not familiar. And she explained it's a very subtle massage that utilizes certain parts of your body. I'm not going to do a good job explaining it and she said, "Before you go spend all that time and money and energy and put your body through that trauma,” she said, “I would try holistic practices.” And she reminded me, she said, "Look, of course, the surgeon told you, you need surgery. That's what a surgeon does. I don't think there's another option other than, yeah, you need surgery. ‘I'm a surgeon. I can help you with surgery. I don't do craniosacral. I don't do a diet.’” And I found as much as I love and I'm so grateful for Western medicine, I have a very conflicted relationship with Western medicine because having been in the system as a cancer patient, I saw how little to nonexistent, I mean, really nonexistent energy they put into anything natural, diet, exercise, meditation, cranial, I mean, like nothing. 

And every time I talk to any of my oncologists and I ask them any questions about anything natural, even if it was proven, even if it had worked for centuries or thousands of years, they either knew nothing about it or they just said, “I just do the chemo, that's all you really need to do.” So, very conflicted relationship. Grateful, because I feel like my life has been saved by Western medicine multiple times, but very conflicted because I absolutely feel like they leave out so many methods and modalities that can change your life. And here's a perfect example. So, Brianna says, “I would try craniosacral and any other holistic practices that you can to help fix your jaw before you go under the knife.” And I was like, “Okay. Great.” Honestly, by the way, in my head, actually, I think I even said to Brianna, I'm like, “I'll do that, Brie,” but I said, “I don't know what that's going to do. Like if my jaw is broken and it's busted,” and by the way, the surgeon told me that I have major arthritis in one side of my jaw, which 41 years old, and I was told after my car accident that I would probably have arthritis where all my breaks were. That's a very common response. So, I was aware that it could be a possibility but hearing you have arthritis in your jaw, which I guess that's where I'm hearing the grinding, that sucks. 

And so, I went, “It is what it is, though. Can't change it.” So, I said, “Brie, I really object.” I mean, I said, “I'll try it but basically, I'm like I don't have a lot of faith that that's going to fix it. I think I'm too far gone. My jaw is broken. I got arthritis. We've got to do something. I don't think adjusting me or whatever the craniosacral is going to do is going to help.” So, I scheduled three appointments with three different craniosacral specialists. Bonus lesson, by the way, I encourage you to get different opinions, second, third opinions. I encourage you to try different practitioners so that you can find who you really like and learn different things. For me, I try to never put all my eggs in one basket. It's always getting multiple opinions, seeing multiple practitioners. If I'm learning about diet, I'm going to not just find one source and go all in. I'm always trying to get multiple opinions and perspectives from as many different people, well, not as many people as possible. I wasn’t going to go to 100 craniosacral practitioners but at least three is kind of my minimum magic number. So, I sched with three craniosacral practitioners and I went and saw one. This was about two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago, and I saw the one gal and she said, "So, hey, how will you know if…” Actually, I asked her. My sister is a therapist. Another bonus lesson here. She said, “Ask her how we'll measure whether or not what she's doing is working and ask her the time frame that you can expect to measure it.” And my sister, Hailey, is brilliant. I'm like, common sense, I never would have thought about. It's a great question. You know, I would have just gone and done it and tried it and seen if I liked it or whatever. 

So, I asked her. I said, "How will I measure it?” She said, "Well, I'm going to turn that on back to you,” the craniosacral therapist, Amy. Her name is Amy. She said, "How would you measure it?” I go, "Well, I guess I would look at what my problems are.” I said, "Number one, I can't open my jaw straight. So, if I was able to start opening my jaw straight, that'd be a night and day win since I haven't opened it straight in 20 years.” I said, “So, if I gradually saw it getting more straight, that would be great.” I said, “I'm not able to bite down on my right side,” which was another red flag I've experienced the last few months. I said, “I'm not able to bite down on my right side, so if I could bite on my right side, that would be great. Right now, when I bite down, my left side touches and there's a space between my right side, and I can't fully chew on the right side and just creates the problems and also tells me that it's getting worse, which is that's concerning.” She said, “Okay. Any pain?” I said, "No, not really. Only when I bite into an apple, but I don't do that so I'm not really concerned.” She said, “Okay. So, the way we would measure it is if your jaw got straighter and if your bite, your little bite down on the right side, that you'd see that it was working.” I said, "Yes.” 

She said, “Okay. Right now, on a scale of one to ten,” and she wrote this on a piece of paper, one through ten on two lines, “Number one was your bite being straight. Number two was I’m going to be able to bite down on my right side.” She said, "Where would you rate yourself on both of those?” I said, “I'm about a three. So, I'm a three on my bite. I'm a three on opening my jaw straight.” So, she proceeds to do this one-hour craniosacral session. I'm always optimistic. I'm always hopeful but I wasn't expecting a lot. I thought, "Oh, maybe I'll feel better.” I don't know. Maybe I'll see, I don't know. I really didn't expect much. And after the session, she goes, "Try to open your jaw,” and I opened it and I wasn’t in front of a mirror. I was in front of her. She goes, “Eh, still crooked.” And I looked into the mirror and I said, "Yes, it's still a three.” I said, "But I'm not expecting magic overnight or instantaneous results. So, I wasn't expecting you to cure me like day one.” I said, “I realize this is a process.” And she said, "Can you bite down on your right side?” I said, "No, I can't bite on my right side,” and she said, “Okay.” So, I went home and the next morning I woke up and I brushed my teeth and it occurred to me, I thought, let me see if my bite looks any straighter. And by the way, for the last 20 years, when I open my mouth and it goes crooked, I can't straighten it, like when it's open fully, it's locked to one side, like I can't move it back over even if I try.

And so, the next morning I brush my teeth and I look in the mirror and I open my mouth and it kind of goes crooked. And then I close it and then I try to open it like really focus on opening it straight. Because I'm so used to opening crooked it kind of that just like automatic, I open it and I know it's going to go to the side. So, I go, “I'm going to try to open it straight,” and I can't even explain to you how this felt like a miracle because it didn't make logical sense after 20 years of my jaw being crooked, I opened my jaw perfectly straight. Perfectly straight. Well, like 98%. It was almost and I was like, "Oh, my gosh.” And then I close my mouth and I try to bite down on my right side and I'm able to bite down on my right side for the first time in months. I immediately what I did because I believe in helping people in this way, supporting them this way, I got on Yelp and I opened up Yelp and I went to Amy's Yelp page and I wrote like this really long review saying that this is a miracle. Like, I can't explain this. In 20 years, my jaw has been messed up and in one session Amy was able to get it to be straight. I can't even believe it. And so, since then, I've gone back to Amy and actually saw another gal, and I have one more appointment with another, a third person, but I'll probably stick with Amy because she's just phenomenal.

But anyway, I share that with you, A, to give you a little bit of a glimpse into my life but also that if you struggle with migraines, if you struggle with TMJ or anything, if you clench your teeth and there is actually a whole host of other benefits of other conditions, that craniosacral can help, I’d encourage you to google it. Again, C-R-A-N-I-O-S-A-C-R-A-L, all one word. I encourage you to google it and see all of the different benefits. I'm just telling from my own experience like it worked for me in ways I can never imagine and so I wanted to share that with you. And again, if anybody you know that suffers from migraines or grinds their teeth at night or has TMJ or see what other symptoms, those are the ones I've really focused on because I have dealt with all those but craniosacral is a game-changer. All right. I'm going to go through the rest of these resources, I was going to say relatively fast, but I want to take the over-under on that. I would be with you. So, the two books I'm reading right now, actually there's like five but one is Awareness. And I've recommended that to you and I can't recommend it enough. It's by Anthony De Mello. And a friend of mine, Joe Sanok, so we're not close friends, obviously, on how to pronounce his last name, S-A-N-O-K, we're Facebook friends but we were texting this morning. I'm like, "Are you the one that recommended that book, Awareness?” And he said, "Yeah.” I said “I was trying to remember who recommended it to me. Thank you. That book is a game-changer for my life.” 

So, Awareness by Anthony De Mello. Sadly, he passed away. I initially want to have him on the podcast and then I realized that he had passed away. So, his book is the next best thing I can recommend to you. The other book I'm reading is Transcending Levels of Consciousness by David Hawkins, and I've been reading that for a long time. It's a hard book to read. It's not written like in a really user-friendly format where like it's not written conversationally, let's put it that way. It's like you read a sentence and then you're like you have to reread it to make sure you got it at least that to me, right? Maybe your intellect, your vocabulary might be beyond mine, and you'll be like, "Hal, it's not a big deal,” but everybody I've talked to says, "Yeah. David Hawkins’ work isn't the easiest to read,” but Transcending Levels of Consciousness and the essence of it is that the majority of society on a scale of one to a thousand, David Hawkins created a scale of consciousness and I forgot what he calls it. I'm not looking at the book right now. 

So, it starts at the lowest level is I believe it's shame. Shame is the lowest level like to where you have no self-worth. You feel like you have no reason for living. You just live in a state of constant shame. That's the lowest level of consciousness. And numerically, it's a twenty, from zero to twenty on the scale of zero to a thousand. The next level is guilt. And then it goes up to depression and anger. And I'm not going in order right now. I'm going off memory. But and then he goes up to acceptance and then peace and then joy and then love and then right all the way up. And then the highest level of consciousness is between, I believe, 600 and above is love and then 700 to a 1,000 is enlightenment. And without ever knowing David Hawkins’ work, I started studying enlightenment when I was in my early to mid-20s and have ever since, although I took a break for like 15 years from studying enlightenment and then about a year or two ago, I dove really deeply back into it and was reminded that some of what I had learned in my 20s, I was still living by and it had shaped who I became but I had forgotten a lot of it. I'd forgotten a lot of it and I was like, "Oh, man, I have forgotten a lot of these principles and philosophies and practices that are so valuable.” 

And so, that book, Awareness, really is a book that will elevate your consciousness. And of course, the book, Transcending Levels of Consciousness, I mean, unless they mistitled it, that one definitely better help you elevate your level of consciousness. And why do you want to elevate the level of consciousness? Because instead of you being at the mercy of life, instead of you being at the mercy of other people, instead of you being at the mercy of your conditions and circumstances, instead of you reacting to what life throws at you, when you elevate your consciousness, when you are conscious of what you think, how you feel, why you feel it, and conscious that you are in control of all of the above, you are in control of what you think, of how you feel, of what you focus on, of what you do, of the life that you create, the life that you live. When you elevate your consciousness to the highest level, you gain control. That word is a little tainted for me but you gain the power, if you will, to experience life exactly as you choose it, both internally in terms of your inner experience, but also externally in terms of the results that you create in your life, the results you create, the circumstances that you shape in your life. It's that two sides of the same coin of true freedom. There's inner freedom and there's outer freedom. Inner freedom is the ability to choose your experience internally but outer freedom is your ability to choose your experience externally, like what you do each day. That's outer freedom. And there are two sides of the same coin. 

In fact, I'm going to put that in my next book. I have to go back and listen to this. So, there's a couple of books I want to recommend. Keep going with the resources. Movies, I just watched a movie the other day that I highly recommend and I put this all over my social media. You may have seen it. It is called Seaspiracy. It's on Netflix. Now, I want to recommend this movie with a slight disclaimer and the disclaimer and then I'll talk about why to watch the movie. But first, a disclaimer. The disclaimer is you can't trust the media. I don't know if I’ll get censored or banned for saying that but I said this earlier when I was talking about elevating your consciousness. That was the first example I use, right, is that if you are not conscious about the way the media is manipulating you through subconscious programing, through images and words and music and all of that, to make us think that I would be happy, I need to buy that or big pharma, right? “Oh, I do suffer from _____ so I need to take that drug because look at all...” And again, think about that. You think they're not manipulating us? Look at the images on a Big Pharma commercial. The side effects could cause bloating, diarrhea, depression, suicidal thoughts but look at the guy and the girl running on the beach, the man and the woman with their dog, and she's flying a kite. And it's sunny and the music's beautiful. What the hell does that have to do with the artificial chemical that you're putting into your body? You follow? Like that's not accurate advertising, right? That's not transparent. I mean, I guess it is because they're telling you the side effects. Anyway, I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. 

But the point is that you've got to be so aware of, and you meaning all of us, so conscious as to the media that we're consuming and the level of embedded propaganda within that media. So, Netflix, I believe, is as, I don’t know if guilty is the right word, but I would say there's as much propaganda on Netflix anytime you see a documentary. Anytime I see a documentary at Netflix, I watch it with like with one eyes watching what they're showing and listening to what they're saying and taking it for what it is. The other is completely skeptical. And so, I'm able to kind of filter what I'm watching through both of those lenses. And so, anyway, just something for you to consider as you watch anything. And by the way, if it's the news, I don't watch the news. Actually, sometimes I do watch the news but I watch it with that filter of like, “Okay. What are they trying to get me to think or believe?” Like vaccines or like the way that it's pushed. It's like, why would they have to push anything? That's just, again, random example that popped in my head. Why do you have to push anything that works? If it works really, really well, then it goes by word of mouth. It's like, "Wow. Everybody you know is like this thing that I bought was amazing and they don't have to manipulate it.” 

So, anyway, again, I don't want to get into this rabbit hole. Here's the point. The movie, Seaspiracy, highly recommend that you watch this because I do believe there is a lot of truth to it. It's about the overfishing of our oceans, the pollution in our oceans, and how the fish and basically, any seafood that we eat is poisoned. Actually, I cut almost all seafood out of my life years ago when I learned about like Fukushima and how fish were washing up on the shores of almost every continent with radiation, with nuclear poison, poison from the Fukushima, not to mention the oil spills. And on and on and on and on and on, our oceans are very polluted. So, when I eat fish, I try to only eat fish that either I catch with my own fishing pole in a river or stream or that is fish from a river or from a stream, but not in the ocean. So, anyway, I don't need to go in too much detail. Just I encourage you to watch Seaspiracy. It's actually really enjoyable. It’s a well-done documentary. So, that was my latest that I watched and I encourage you to check it out. Conscious music, Rob Riccardo, his entire album. Well, I don't love every song but every song the message is great, but this is conscious music. What is conscious music? I've talked about this before. We've interviewed conscious musicians on the show like brotha James and Satsang. 

Rob Riccardo is a conscious musician. And it's, again, music that elevates your consciousness. It elevates your awareness. And his is really focused on you being aware of how you work. Like that song I mentioned, When Will I Learn? When will I learn that I have all the answers? When will I, oh, dang, I keep messing it up. That's a line from it. But he says, when will I learn… All right, I forget. I keep forgetting just that album, When Will I Learn is great. He has a song called The Work that talks about our ego and transcending our ego and that we've got to do the work. He has a song called Here and Now about the present moment. So, the album is called The Fire in Me. His name is Rob Riccardo and it is the Fire in Me. I found it on Apple Music. I'm guessing it's on other spots. I'm not sure. All right. I want to give a Miracle Morning pro tip. I emailed this out actually last Monday. So, you may have read this already. I'll keep it quick. In fact, I'll just read it so that I don't go off on any tangents or I'll try not to. So, here's what I wrote the other day. 

“Do you ever feel groggy and tired when you first wake up in the morning? Do you want to know how to wake up feeling alert and energized instead? One of the most unrealized causes of morning fatigue is a result of the food we eat the night before in terms of how much you eat and how late you eat. Digesting food is one of the most labor-intensive processes that the body endures. So, if you eat/snack within a couple of hours before you go to bed, your body will still be digesting the food while you attempt to sleep and you'll often wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck. That was how I felt this morning. See, I normally eat dinner between 5 to 6 p.m. so that I give my body at least three to four hours to digest my food since my bedtime is usually around 9 p.m. and when I do that, I wake up feeling alert and energized for my Miracle Morning. But last night I wasn't able to eat dinner until 7 p.m. I had it less than two hours before bed and I paid the price. When I woke up, it was an hour later than I had planned on and I felt I'm normally exhausted when I did. I know many people either eat dinner a little later or snack as they get closer to bedtime but adjusting your schedule to eat dinner three to four hours before you go to bed and eliminating snacking definitely takes a decision and a commitment to follow through. But my experience has been that, like anything, it quickly becomes easy and automatic, and waking up feeling alert and energized is significantly more valuable. So, I invite you to give it a try.” 

That post I'm looking at, there's 138 comments on it. And the comments, the common responses were either, "Hal, I know that and actually, yeah, purposefully, I learned that the hard way and I also eat three to four hours before bed and it's a game-changer or the majority of comments that those were few and far between but there were some of those, but the majority of the comments were, "Oh, my gosh, this explains so much.” I snack until I go to bed or I snack late or I eat a late dinner and I always feel tired. No wonder, because while you're sleeping, your body's working. It's working all night. It's trying to just like, "Why did you do this? I want to sleep, but you loaded me up with all this food that I've now got to work through all night long. Well, I'll repay the favor. You're going to be tired when you wake up because I didn't get to rest. You're not going to get good rest either.” So, that's the pro tip that I want to give you. And I'll probably start doing those more often. And then last but not least, I wanted to just share a mantra with you and the mantra really goes along with what I read to you earlier in terms of how to experience true freedom. And then there's actually one other Facebook post that I want to read, one of the social media posts that I want to read. I hope you're okay with me doing that. Hopefully, I bring it to life a little bit more. It's like listening to an audiobook, right? You can read it on Facebook or on Instagram but when you get to hear me throw a little inflection behind it, hopefully, it becomes more real. 

All right. So, the mantra and this is a mantra that I have repeated to myself countless times and it's one of my favorites. The mantra is, "This moment is perfect.” This moment is perfect. Whenever I'm feeling stressed, that's my go-to. I stop. I put my hand on my chest. I take a deep breath and I remind myself this moment is perfect. Now, for those of you that are triggered by that and you're like, “Hal, I got my life. I got some stuff going on right now. It is not perfect, okay? I just fought with my spouse or we're getting a divorce and I’m struggling financially and I've got health challenges and this moment is not perfect. Screw you.” Like some people might get really triggered by that. I'll tell you when I was at my lowest points in my life, car accident, cancer, there I go again, I use that mantra all the time. I'd be in the hospital in pain on chemo and go, "This moment is perfect.” And when I read to you what I'm about to read to you, I think it will make more sense. Here's the quote that I posted. “Consider that life is always perfect. Although our circumstances can be difficult and even painful, our life exists in each moment. In fact, our life is each moment. Life transcends events. When we choose to experience this moment fully, we are present to the perfection of life.” 

And then here's my expansion on that quote in the post, "Whatever you're going through right now, know that there is a difference between your life and your life situation. Your life situation is your temporary, always changing circumstances and conditions, which can be difficult. But don't mistake it for your life. Your life is eternal. It is your true nature. It is the essence of your being. It is your consciousness experiencing and embracing each moment exactly as it is without resistance. No matter what your life situation, your life is experienced in the present moment. The present moment is life. Pause. What do you see right now? What do you hear right now? What are you experiencing in this moment? That is your life. Stay there for as long as you can, and then when you inevitably get lost in thought, return to the moment. Return to life.” So, hopefully, that gives you a little more context around the mantra, this moment is perfect. And I'm inviting you, if you didn't already do what invited people to do in the post, again, pause right now. Look around. What do you see? I see my office. I see the door. I see a corkboard with dozens and dozens, maybe a hundred handwritten thank you notes that people have sent that are my gratitude board. I look out the window. I see some trees. I see life. 

What do you see? Do you see problems? I don't see any problems. Well, there is a smudge on that door, actually, I guess that can be perceived as a problem, but it's not. It's not actually a problem. What do you hear right now? What do you hear if you're quiet? I hear silence with a little bit of buzzing. Our house is just kind of making noise and there's some buzzing. I don't know what it is. Something is buzzing but I don't hear any problems. What I see is life. It's this moment. What I hear is life. It's this moment. What do you feel? Rub your fingertips together with your thumb. Do it right now. I'm doing it. Do you feel any problems? Or do you feel life coursing through your veins? This moment is your life. And this moment is always perfect. Even when it's challenging, even when it's difficult, considering that our greatest growth comes in the midst of challenges and difficulty and even pain, you can always see the perfection in every moment. At least I invite you to consider that for yourself. 


Hal Elrod: Thank you for listening today. I hope that my not rant but off-the-cuff episode mixed in with a bunch of resources, it was as valuable for you today. And yeah, let me know. Please leave a note. That's one thing I never ask for is for you to leave comments. Would you leave a comment? I would. If this landed for you, I should start. I need to remember to do this every time. I've only been doing a podcast for eight years and I always forget to ask this, but will you leave a comment? If you're listening to this at, leave a comment there. Or if you're not listening to it there, would you go there? Would you just take just two minutes, three minutes, maybe five, just a few minutes? I would love to read your comments. I'd love to read your comments. If you're going to implement something from this episode, if you're going to get one of the resources, you've already seen one of the movie or read the book or you loved Rob Riccardo or the Miracle Morning pro tip, whatever landed for you, the mantra, whatever, whatever landed for you, if you'd please take just a few minutes and go to, I'd really appreciate it. I'd love to hear it, read your comment, and I'll respond. I promise. So, much love. Thank you so much. And I will talk to you all next week. Take care.


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